Inscription on coinbase

Just go to and click on "Register" at the top right.

You will then arrive on this page (below) where you will have to enter your Name, First Name, E-mail and choose a password.
You must use your real personal information.
Make sure you choose a fairly complex password.
Confirm your e-mail address by clicking on the link that was sent to you on the address you indicated.

You must then indicate if you are an individual or a company.

Then fill in your mobile phone number. Then Enter the verification code that will be sent to you by SMS (it is possible to link several accounts with the same phone number).

You will then need to validate your identity. It's a pretty simple step. You can use your national ID card, passport or driver's license.
The verification can be done via webcam, or via the camera of your mobile for simplicity. You can also send a photo of your two-sided documents to the site.

Buy your first Litecoins or Bitcoins on Coinbase

To buy crypto-currencies with your euros freshly deposited via bank transfer, simply go to the "Buy & Sell" page.
Choose the currency you want to buy and enter the amount in euros or litecoins and validate the transaction by pressing "Buy litecoin Immediately" or "Buy bitcoin Immediately".

To buy crypto-currencies with your credit card, you can also go to the "Buy & Sell" page.
Enter the details of your credit card, choose your cryptocurrency (Bitcoin or Litecoin), enter the amount you want, then confirm the transaction by pressing "Buy Litecoin Immediately" or "Buy Bitcoin Immediately".
(There are limits of amounts with credit card purchases on Coinbase 100 euros / day at the beginning then 500 euros / day thereafter)

Congratulations, you bought you first cryptocurrency on Coinbase!

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